Friday, February 4, 2011

Kingdom Friendships: Charity Ramlal

Over the next few days and weeks I want to pay tribute to a few of the people who have INSPIRED me most in this life!

A fitting first is Charity Starr Ramlal.

This girl right here is one of the most amazing women of God I have ever known. I feel incredibly blessed to not only be sisters in Christ,
but forever friends.

Charity is a kingdom friend.

I love this girl.

She's walked with me through difficult seasons, bringing
encouragement, hope and laughter.
She fought for me in the place of prayer when I was too weak to
fight my own battles.
She's been a precious example of Godly love.
She called forth destiny when my future was bleak.
She's never stopped believing in God's power to work in my life.

Charity's invested a lot of love, time, energy, tears and prayer into my life. Her friendship is, in great part, why I am serving the Lord today. All friendships have some give and take to them... for a season this one was all give on Charity's end, and all take on mine. Even in those times it was beautiful to see God's strength in her, keeping her love strong.

Now we live many miles apart. We may never live close to each other again (Or we may! Only Jesus knows!), and we do not talk every single day. But with some friends proximity is no matter. There is a God-connection between us, for He brought us into each other's lives for divine purposes!

Love you Charity! You're a kingdom friend forever!


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