Friday, May 27, 2011


My mind has been majorly cluttered!

For some of April and most of May when I've tried to sit down to read, write, pray, think... My mind just goes 100 mph in several directions at one time.
This whole mind-clutter thing didn't alarm me at first. I figured it would pass when I wrote to-do lists and starting packing and accomplishing tasks, but in fact it has only gotten worse, even to the point of impairing basic decision-making skills on a few occasions.

On Sunday afternoon I decided to take control of the situation. Though I "needed" to work out, do some packing, finish a few assignments for a class... I grabbed my ipod and sunglasses, LEFT MY PHONE at home and headed outside.

I walked to the river and found a sunny seat by the kayak course. I got as comfortable as a girl can be while sitting on rocks, leaned back onto a boulder and just breathed. At times I focused on the words of the worship music I was listening to. Other times I focused on breathing deeply. I focused on the goodness of God and recalled moments of tangible faithfulness this year. I focused on everything EXCEPT the to-do list that has been looming over my head. I took my time. I went home and accomplished more in 2 hours than I had for days before.

On Monday evening I set out for more de-cluttering time and found a shady, grassy area by a quieter part of the river. I did take the phone this time (So I could listen to some Gospel choir music on Pandora) and captured this scene:

He leads me beside the quiet waters, He refreshes my soul. (Psalm 23, TNIV)

Have you ever experienced moderate to severe mind-clutter? How did you banish it? :)


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