Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Chains are Gone

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful! Jesus Christ has set me free from self-hatred, people-pleasing, rage, depression, addiction and... myself!

In futility I struggled against my chains. For too long. I bloodied my ankles and wrists and writhed in pain as I worked to free myself. But skin and bone are no match for shackles of iron. I exhausted myself in attempts at freedom.

But upon my surrender, Jesus did what I could never do. He snapped the chains right off of me.

Are you feeling like a slave to some life-controlling issue? 
Not to that ugly mindset, substance or behavior.
Surrender to Jesus.

Freedom is in His hand, and I believe He is waiting full of anticipation for the moment when you finally cry out to Him. He is ready and waiting for that holy moment when He gets to snap your chains off!
Jesus came to seek and rescue the lost. It is His mission. 
It is no inconvenience for Him to free you... He wants to free you! 

Don't struggle against those chains.
You're not strong enough to break them.
You can't do it.
But Jesus can.
Whisper or say or sing or shout His name. 
Admit it - you can't free yourself.
Surrender your life to the One who can give you true freedom and life.

Yes, I am thankful today and always, for my strong God!
Praying He shows Himself strong on your behalf today when you call on His name.

Much love, 

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