Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 1-3

day one...

highlights: visiting LAURA!, touching lake michigan for the first time, going to chicago for approximately 2.5 hours before getting bored and heading home, driving for an hour looking for an open blockbuster video. visiting koolsville, but leaving before they could mutilate my body.

lesson learned:
trash bags are versatile devices. they can be used to protect clothing and hair from moisture in the event of a downpour. fyi, chipotle is very generous to give free trash bags to customers who are brave enough to ask. enter laura, the courageous one.

day two...

highlights: long-awaited trip to dunkin donuts. getting 32 mpg at one point in the trip. visiting ihop in kc and enjoying some time there. finally holding my nephew for more than a few minutes! he's cute.

new likes: imogen heap (thank you joseph!). driving below the speed limit. not being rushed.

day three...

well it is not nearly over yet...

highlights: sleeping in. melissa. london. washing all my dirty laundry (lots and lots... it was out of hand)! watching the american idol season finale with my sister while holding my sleeping nephew.

fun fact: my brother in law just got home from work!!! i snapped a few pictures on my phone of london laying on my knees:) he has a faux-hawk, because he is cool. in the third pic i think he's trying to tell everyone he is "west side".

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