Monday, June 22, 2009

would you rather...?

ever played that game "would you rather"? though it can be a humorous get-to-know-you game i most often find myself frustrated with the questions. would i rather eat maggot-infested meat or moldy mac and cheese for the rest of my life? hmm... tough choice. or, would i rather trade two of my senses for a superpower sixth sense or continue living life with the usual five? i really don't know.

what i do know is why i get frustrated.
these questions bother me because in the end they are utterly pointless.
nothing is wrong with having fun with others, but i find myself wondering when depth and authenticity were replaced by... maggots and superpowers.

the questions we ask and the time we spend with others often serve the purpose of entertainment but do very little for the soul and spirit. maybe in all the fun and silliness (which i definitely think we need at times; we are fun people!) we are shortchanging our relationships.

i wonder what it would be like if we challenged each other with questions like this:

would you rather live in hope of something excellent that is improbable,
or live in assurance of average things you know can happen?

would you rather love someone passionately and lose them,
or keep yourself first so it's easier to pick up the pieces?

would you rather fail attempting a great feat,
or stick to the realm of the known?

would you rather believe for a miracle,
or unquestioningly accept a diagnosis?

would you rather live your life,
or just let it happen?

friends, would you rather cultivate authentic relationships with those who love you enough to confront and challenge you; or would you prefer acquaintance "friendships" based on recreation and fun?

would you dare risk your pride for accountability, or would you rather share only what information makes you look better?

would you rather be the friend who asks the hard questions, or one who settles for knowing favorite colors and hobbies?

would you rather trust another and be let down, or live life alone?

i think i'd rather try authenticity again...

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