Tuesday, October 20, 2009

life is the fast lane...

where does time go?
over the past 7 years i have lived in 11 apartments/houses across 5 states.
i have visited lake tahoe, the grand canyon, and dracula's castle.
i have broken my foot, eaten horse meat, heard gun shots from my yard, bought my first car, protested for justice, and lost and gained more pounds than i could possible track.
i have fallen in love.
i have gained perspective.
i have been proud of myself and who i've become.
i've been ashamed of myself and who i've become.
i have worked 10 jobs, 7 part time, 6 for non-profit organizations.

i have lost people whom i loved deeply.

i have thrown away 1/4 of my possessions at least twice.
i have changed my mind.

i have had a lot and i have had a little.
i have learned the secret to being content- i can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
so where does time go?
well, i'm not really sure. but i do know this- there is no slow lane in this life... life is the fast lane. there's no slowing down, no delaying these moments: they just keep happening.
i'm not at all where i'd expected i'd be at 25. i'm not married, i have no children, i work a couple of part time jobs and don't have much to show for it; but i'm not disappointed.
the glamour level of my life has dramatically decreased, but right now i think i've got the best life of all. i'm learning that my value is not in all these things i've done. they do not define me. they are part of me, but with or without them i am still so loved, so honored, so adored by my God.
from day one until the day we leave this earth, life is a journey. one day at a time, we write our story.
and i'm not really done writing but the library is kicking me out.
lovin' the journey!

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