Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5-11-2010: what's worth more than dreams?

The will of the Father.
Intimacy with the Son.
Response to the Spirit.

On March 22nd of this year I finally admitted out loud to my sister Melissa and dear friend Charity: "I think I want to go back to Master's Commission."


Yeah, you read that right. In my heart I had an idea for what this would look like. Join the staff of a Master's Commission in a big city… Vegas, perhaps? After all, I'm a city girl in my heart of hearts, unafraid to move close to city lights and prostitutes. I love city people.

But God saw fit...

God saw fit to align my path with that of Zacharia & Beka Fox, friends who attended MCKC with my sister. Zach and Beka were casting vision for Floyd Master's Commission the very night I admitted to Melissa what I kept locked away for so long! Floyd, Iowa, a “teeny tiny town” in Beka’s words.

I was challenged in my spirit the next morning, "Would you be willing to leave your job? Your home? Move somewhere far from city lights to a place unlike anywhere you’ve lived before?"... Talk about being put on the spot. Having said "NO" to the Lord so many times before and seeing the damage it caused I answered, “Yeah, I could do that!” I told Him that He is worth more than even the dreams He gives.

Now, months later I’ve made it official: my heart has not been able to let go of Floyd, of Master’s Commission, of Zach and Beka’s precious hearts. My heart and my soul say “YES!”

There’s something bigger than big city dreams: Kingdom dreams.

Kingdom dreams are about His glory.
Kingdom dreams are about following His lead.
Kingdom dreams are about doing what He is blessing.
Kingdom dreams, I believe, are the only ones truly worth dreaming.

Kingdom dreams keep things in perspective: My life is not about me.
Ps, yours is not about you, either!

“I wanna be used by You
I wanna be used by You
So don’t look me over
I’m waiting for You, broken
I wanna be used by You”
-Deluge Band

Please pray for me as I embark on this next step in my journey with the Lord. My spirit is absolutely full of anticipation! I know God has great things in store for Floyd Master’s Commission, for Gospel Lighthouse, for Zach and Beka, for the students God will entrust to us... and He has a great plan for me.

I am honored, humbled, grateful.

Love you all,

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