Thursday, September 2, 2010

country livin'

here are a few things i really enjoy about living in floyd:

  • in summer we dry our clothes on the line, and they come down smelling like sunshine!
  • i have horses in my backyard. literally. i look out the kitchen window and see my home openers' horses running around!
  • i don't have to lock my car doors. being a compulsive door-locker, you'd think i'd lock them anyway. but my driver's side keyhole doesn't work. leaving the doors unlocked keeps me from having to walk around the passenger side and turn the key multiple times to finally unlock all the doors. i like this.
  • we recycle anything we can, and burn the rest.
  • there is a beautiful river, clean enough to swim in (be jealous, hoosier friends).
  • next weekend is the Gospel Sing, 2 entire days devoted to fellowship and enjoyment of southern gospel music!
  • my new friend ruth ann is going to take me to buy goat's milk! she and other ladies make their own laundry soap, too.
  • we have thrift stores that are so boss, you can't even imagine.
  • it is just plain beautiful here. i never would have imagined what a beautiful, peaceful place this would be! so much more than cornfields.
  • every night i can go sit outside, look up and fall more in love with the Maker of the stars.
  • the people here possess unparalleled kindness. in just a few weeks i have found myself feeling so at home with the loving people of floyd!

(for those who were wondering, the things i don't like involve having zero at&t reception and being 30 miles from taco bell. i'm sure i will survive such tribulations as these).


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