Monday, October 4, 2010

She laughs

Ohhhhh, I love to laugh.
I'm really pleased to say this, because it hasn't always been that way.
As a young kid I'd laugh so hard with my siblings that I'd get hiccups. I'd continue laughing, gasping for air, unable to breathe. The hiccup-gasp-laugh cycle would continue until I'd nearly throw up from all the excitement. If I remember correctly, that's about the point I'd beg Rob and Melissa to stop making me laugh. True story. They had a lot of fun encouraging and laughing at this strange behavior:) In retrospect, I can't say I blame them.
Throughout my teen years I was insecure about a lot of things, my boisterous laugh being one of the many. I did my best to subdue my laughter, and eventually mastered the art. I continued for long enough, in fact, that I actually forgot for many years that my laugh is by nature LOUD and even a little OBNOXIOUS!
My insecurity played a large role in me "losing my laugh," but it wasn't the only contributor. I surrendered much of my joy to unpleasant circumstances. I do wonder if in suppressing my laughter I actually robbed myself of joy in those difficult seasons. I don't believe that laughter is in and of itself a holy thing. But I absolutely believe that the expression of laughter can be holy, bringing joy to our Father's heart! Laughter lifts and encourages the soul!
Here's just a few things that have made me laugh (h-a-r-d) this past month:
  • The day I asked Brittany what music she had on her computer.
    She said "Desperation Band."
    I heard: "This Persian Man."Commence laughter.
  • The day I "pocket called" the Charles City Police Department and had no idea where a man's voice was coming from. All of the girls were with me as I tried (and failed) to contain my laughter on the phone with the officer.
    The laughter that followed that call was so loud it hurt my throat and made my lungs burn:)
    The laughter erupted again when Zach called me and said, "Megan, there are two cop cars waiting for you in the church parking lot..."
  • The day Abby, Danae and I took a walk on our lunch break and ended up jumping on the Bluhm's trampoline.
    I giggled the whole time... I hadn't been on one in years!
  • Every improv drama training with MC, especially when Ethan and Tim are all warmed up and begin to let loose.
    They are so creative and naturally funny!
  • Before leading worship for an MC chapel a few weeks ago, we were all in such silly moods. I just laughed as we invited God into our joyous gathering, and sang "How He Loves," because it's okay to laugh during that song sometimes.
    (Kim Walker did!)
  • And of course last night in church when Pastor Greg said "all the sand which is on the shore."
    I heard: "all the sandwiches on the shore."
    I could barely contain myself.
    (I technically didn't laugh out loud. But if I had, it would have been ridiculously loud and highly disruptive! I had to cover my face and think of sad things to get myself calmed down, then apologized after church for my silliness!)
I'm so thankful that joy and laughter are among the things God has restored to me in recent years! I'm incredibly grateful to God for giving me a wonderful family and friends to enjoy life and laughter with!

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