Wednesday, November 3, 2010


From my journal on 3/2/10:

They are a people of purpose.
They live above the fleeting feelings and emotions that characterize their peers. They are not cold, but controlled.
They love deeply, weep when life is lost, grieve when one loses their way, and are familiar with the sting of rejection. Yes, they are deeply touched by emotion, but they refuse to be defined by the feeling of the moment.
Their hearts are touched but never dissuaded from their sole purpose
to serve their God with abandon.
Any feeling that threatens to undermine that purpose is immediately taken captive and brought under control. Their passion is for their God, their life in Him alone.
They possess a singular, eternal perspective; setting them apart from a generation who survives as nothing more than a wave driven and handled by the sea of culture.
This chosen generation -
they are a people of resolve.


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