Thursday, December 16, 2010

One Glimpse

Three weeks ago Master's Commission attended a retreat with youth and young adults of Antioch Church in Overland Park, Kansas. We planned to head home Sunday after lunch, but an hour before we were set to be leaving God redirected our course. We were given an opportunity to stay with a family from the church for an extra day to help with an inner-city outreach through IHOP.

Something I love about working with Zach Fox is that he is Spirit-led all the way. We didn't have details and we didn't need them. We were ready to run with this Wild Goose chase!

Hope City is where we landed.

When we pulled off our exit we plunged into the deeper recesses of Kansas City. Just minutes after driving past the city lights of downtown KC we were parking by a brick building with no aesthetics worth noting apart from it's name, "Hope City," above the doors. Standing on the sidewalk were a few older men getting in one last cigarette before service as other men, women and children exited the shuttle bus and headed through the church doors.

Once inside we walked through the multi-purpose dining area toward the kitchen, where we split into groups to receive assignments for meal preparation. We entered the prayer room and as worship began I had a "moment". I'll pause for a minute and ask, have you ever had this kind of God-moment? An instant in which you were keenly aware that you were designed by God for this very thing?

When I walked away from God years ago I let go of many of the dreams I once had. Remembering my God-dreams has been a process, and a lengthy one at that. But all in one moment at Hope City, God was faithful to revive a dream He birthed inside of me many years ago: to plant an inner-city church. A church that invites the outcast, feeds the hungry, serves the poor, and joins together as a family to the lonely. A church that is where the people are.

We spent only a few hours at Hope City, but my God-moment there has been impacting me every day since. I've felt my heart once again becoming the target of Scriptures and songs about God's heart for justice for the poor, the oppressed, the widow and the fatherless. I am striving to partner with the Holy Spirit each day in intercession for people I do not know, in places I have not been. In one moment in God's presence He gave one glimpse of my future... and sometimes one is all that is needed to get me moving.

Have you ever had a God-moment where you caught a glimpse of your divine destiny? I'd love to hear about it! Please comment or email me at


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  1. just wanna say i'm so happy i can comment on your blog now and i love the new format!!
    i guess the vision of my future i've been given is being someone who impacts my community with a tangible form of God's love. Helping others and providing what they need to live, survive, and thrive. It's starting in my own home and I see it spreading to the community :D


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