Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hello friends!
Blogging via e-mail today. Not ideal, but I'm on holiday so it is the only option!
Tonight I get to see one of my absolute, all-time, most favorite bands: U2! They've been around longer than I have, and they still make some pretty sweet music. I'm putting on the waterproof mascara today- I'm almost certain I'm going to cry tonight!
There's something quite epic about live music. And I like that!
What's the most spectacular show you've been to (and why)?

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  1. I saw U2 in Tampa on one of the first legs of the 360 tour. One of the best ever. Great music and incredible showmen.

    2nd favorite (so far) was Mat Kearney with Ingrid Michaelson. It was like hanging out with old friends.

  2. Chris,

    It was an amazing show!

    I like Ingrid Michaelson, I saw her a few years ago when she opened for Dave Matthews!


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