Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On the garment of praise, from my journal. 4-22-10

4-22-10 journal entry

It's amazing how worship beautifies life's difficult situations.

Worship puts things in perspective- we acknowledge the holiness, worth, sovereignty, love, glory, power, favor, provision, kindness, mercy, and faithfulness of God- and before we know it our troubles become so small. That is, when we push past the tendency to dwell on these things and place our attention on Christ.

The garment of praise may seem a strange fit in times of suffering, yet it is the most glorious and beautiful piece in our wardrobe. Even in distress the garment of praise does not fade, tear or wear out. It is a trustworthy tool in battling despair. When we wrap ourselves in praise our focus shifts from self to Christ- there He meets needs, lifts hearts, restores dreams and pours out His love to nourish thirsty hearts. Praise releases the mighty force of His healing in a special way. I believe this! We give our attention to Him alone and He is able to do great things in our hearts.

May I wear the garment of praise in faith and belief that my God is everything His Word declares Him to be!

The garment of praise must be made of Lycra. In both times of famine and feasting it is a perfect fit.


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