Friday, January 14, 2011

NYC Abortions

Putting things in perspective:

In 2009, 87,273 unborn babies were aborted in NYC alone (see the report).

This number is 29 times the number of victims killed in the September 11th attacks of 2001. While we rightly remember and honor the lives lost on that day, let us not forget the tragedy that unfolds every day in America.

But let us not only remember. Knowledge and even strong emotions are of no value if we remain passive. I want to encourage and challenge you to fast and pray for spiritual awakening and awareness of the deep love of Jesus for mothers in NYC, our nation and across the earth. Stand between heaven and earth for even a few days a month and I guarantee you that your love and burden for these mothers and babies will expand.

There are many lives hanging in the balance, and I'm just crazy enough to believe that intercession can actually change things in a place where I am not physically present. Sometimes we partner with Jesus by being His hands and feet to broken people. Sometimes we partner with Jesus by joining Him on our knees in intercession. And sometimes we do both.


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