Thursday, June 17, 2010

All I Want

I was organizing some of my old chord sheets today (all part of the moving process!) and came across this song by Jeff Deyo (chorus and bridge):

All I want is just to see You, Jesus
And I long just to hear Your voice
I need just to be near You
'Cause Your presence is all I want

One day we'll look on Your face
We'll see You in all of Your glory
And we won't need the sun
And we won't need the moon
All we will need is You!

Wow! Just reading the lyrics I got goose bumps just as I did years ago when I first heard this song. If the lyrics alone don't grip you, you've gotta hear the passion in the music and vocals. Wow (again).

I love when a song compels me to look away from my situation and toward the Lord.


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